Elsted war memorial

The War Memorial for the parish of Elsted with Treyford cum Didling is a brass memorial plaque now located on the south wall of the nave of St Paul’s Church in Elsted.

The memorial was originally located on the north wall of St Peter’s Church, near Treyford, but was re-located before that church was demolished in 1951. The memorial was designed by local resident, Grailly Hewett, a celebrated artist and designer to the Royal College of Heralds.

The parish raised over £38 between the end of the war and late 1920 to pay for the memorial. The plaque was engraved by G J Friend of High Holborn, London at a cost of £15. The oak backing piece was made by Messrs P Oliver, monumental masons of South St (now Wool Lane), Midhurst at a cost of £1-19-6d. The only other significant cost was a 2 guinea facility fee and the balance of the funds raised (reported as £19-10-0d) were paid to the Officers Association for the relief of disabled servicemen (now incorporated into the Royal British Legion).

The memorial was dedicated by the Bishop of Lewes on Thursday, 7 October 1920. Possibly because most of the parishioners were farmers, unfortunately there was “not a large congregation” at the dedication.


Special thanks are due to Andrew Shaxson for permission to use the results of his research into the history of the war memorial and the lives of the men commemorated thereon.

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