List of Men from Graffham and Lavington who also served in the Great War

Extract from the Form of Service at the Unveiling of the War Memorial erected by Sir James Buchanan and the Parishioners of Graffham and Lavington at Graffham, Sunday, June 12th, 1921 at 3 O’clock

NB the list is rough alphabetical order only – based on the first letter only of the surname

Cecil Albery

Arthur Boswell
Victor Butcher
Fielder Bridger
James Bridger
Alfred E. Bridger
Victor Burningham
Clarence Burningham
Harry Boxall
Percy Boxall
Arthur Base

Albert Challen
Charles Challen
Thomas Cooper
Albert Cooper
Ernest W. Cooper
George Cooper
Edward J. Cooper
James Crowther
Charles Cook
William Carver
Ronald Chisholm
William Chisolm
Henry Curzon
William Curtis

Frederick Davis
William P. Drury
Lionel Dean
Percy Dean

Ernest Evens
Archibald Eade
Alfred T. Eade
Robert N. Eade

Ernest Fuller
George Fletcher
George W. Fish

William J. Goodacre

Stanley Hogg
Hubert Hales
Roy Hales
John Holden
Frederick Hysom
Oliver Hysom
Charles Hysom
Richard Hysom
Montague Hinton
James Howick
Albert Howick
George Howick
Walter Howick
Charles Hamilton
Albert Hamilton
George Hamilton
Ralph Hamilton
Cecil Haines
James Howe
William Harris
Jack Hill
Charles C. Hill
Frank H. Hawkins
George Hill

Charles Joiner
Colin K. Jupp
George H. Jones
Anthony L. St John Jones

Charles Kemp

Henry J. Lutman
Oliver Lasseter
Samuel Lasseter
George Lee
John Lee
George Long
Oliver Long
Hezekiah Launder

Frank Mitchell
Charles Miller
Alfred Morgan
Willoughby Mullins
Willoughby M. Mullins
Archibald J. Mills
Bertram G. Mills
Thomas Munday
Reginald Macdonald
Henry Marwood

Walter J. Nudd
Frederick Nudd

Walter E. Parsons
John Pescod
Richard Pescod
George Prangle
Frederick Pyle

Thomas Randell
James N. Robertson
James Rough
Andrew W. Rough
William Rallings
Sidney Randell

Arthur Sherwin
Cecil Scutt
George Smith
Percy Shaw
George Stuckey
Ernest Stewart
Richard Sunderland
Duke Sunderland

Arthur Taylor
Ernest Taylor
Samuel Towers
John Tinson
Walter Todman
William H. Treague

George White
Ernest West
Alfred West
George West
Louis N. Wood

Frederick Yallop
Ernest Yallop
Albert Yallop

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