Midhurst Parish Church panels transcript

This is a transcript of the three framed and glazed panels fixed to the North wall of the gallery of Midhurst Parish Church and which contain lists of those who served in World War One.

† George Allin
George Walter Anker
Horace Archer Anker
Ronald Anker
Albert Annels
Frederick Ayling
Reginald Baigent
Leo John Baker
† Vincent Joseph Baker
† Cornelius Millham Balchin
Charles Bannister
† Alfred Barker
Jack Barker
Jesse Barker
Joseph Barker
Robert Barker
Alex John Ed. Barnaby
† Rowland Charles Behn
Alexander Beresford
Albert Frank Best MC (Wounded)
Ernest Best (Wounded)
† Jack Best
George Bishop
Alfred Bond
Frederick Bond
Thomas George Bond (Wounded)
Leonard Bone
Charles Boswell
Clarence Boswell
Thomas Boswell
William Boswell (Wounded)
Henry G Luff (Prisoner of War)
William Boswell
William Thomas Boswell (Wounded)
Charles Henry Ed. Bowyer
† Reginald  Archer J. Bowyer
Edward Boxall
Henry Boxall
John Boxall
Gerald Thomas Bristow
Ernest Britton
Albert George Brown
Charles Thomas Brown MM
Frederick George Budd
Thomas Cairns
Alfred Carver
Charles William Carver
George Carver
John Alfred Carver
Thomas Chalk
Charles Cheal (Wounded)
Herbert Churcher
George Ernest Clark
Sidney Herbert Clark
Christopher Coleman
Herbert Coles
† William Collins
† William Edwin Collins
Charles Cook
Harry Cooper
Arthur N Cork
A de La Coze
† Hubert John Daniell
Oliver Howell
Albert Joseph Daniels
Charles Henry Daniels
† Frank Daniels
George Henry Daniels
James Daniels
Philip Augustine Daniels
† William Daniels
Albert Denyer
† Thomas Denyer
William Denyer
Henry Dodd
Allan Dredge
Arthur John Dyer
Frederick Joseph Dyer
Thomas Dyer
William Dyer
Edward Eastwick-Field
William Lionel Eastwick-Field MC (Wounded)
Ernest Thomas Eager
Alfred Eldridge
Donald Eldridge
Frederick Eldridge
† John Eldridge
William Elliott (Wounded)
Charles Ellis
George Ellis
† John Ellis
Robert Ellis
† William Ellis
Reginald Ewans
Marmaduke Fawkes, OBE, RN
Redvers K. Thorlby

[This memorial to gallant men]



Alfred Moses Freemantle
John Mudge Furneaux
Arthur John Gale
Frederick Goldring
Arthur Otway Gosden
Charles D. Gosden
Henry Francis Gosden
Frank Greenwood
George Arthur Guy
† Charles John Hammond
Edgar Robert E. Harman
Percy Harriss
† William Edward Harriss
Frank Haslop
Frank Hawkins
Arthur Hersey
† George Hersey
Percival John Hoare
† Frederick Holden
Henry Holden
Reginald Holden
† William Henry Holder
Alfred Arthur Holford
Frederick Thomas Holford
Henry Holland
John Hayward Holland
Walter Hollingdale
Basil Whithorne Holman
Allan Horlock
Bertram Rogers Howard
† George Hounsome
Arthur Hurlock
Charles Hurlock
William Hurst
Robert Jasper
Leslie Jeens
Lilla D. F. Kensett
† Robert Kensett
† Tudor Kent
Mervyn Kent
Edward Spurin Knight DSO (Wounded)
F. Knight
George McMaster Knight (Wounded)
Richard Casteels Knight
George Lassiter
James Lee
Robert William Lee
† Albert Leggatt
Archibald Lewis
† Lawrence Lewis
Edwin Lucas
George Luff
Henry Edward Luff
Alfred Madgwick
Frank Isaacson
Albert Madgwick
Charles Madgwick
H. J. Madgwick
Joseph Madgwick
Thomas Madgwick
Frank Maides (Prisoner of War)
Harry Maides (Wounded)
William R. Maides
Alfred Cradock Maples
Edward Marshall
Percy Marshall (Wounded)
William Marshall
Archibald Merritt
Charles Merritt
James Merritt
William Merritt
Thomas Mills
Albert Edward Mitchell
Charles Moller MM
Alfred Mordle
† Thomas Mordle
Henry Seaward Morley
Frank Stuart Naaeson
Alfred Nicholls (Wounded)
Percy John Nicholls
William Nicholls
William George Nicholls (Wounded)

[Was put up by Frank Tatchell, Vicar of Midhurst]

Percy Oliver
Guy Cleveland Onslow
James Osborne
John Osborne
Leo Osborne
Frank Ivan Packham
Leonard Woodley Packham
Charles Page
Leslie Page
Frederick Pavey
The Hon Harold Weetman Pearson
† Arthur Peat
Walter Penny
Harold Edward Pescod (Wounded)
George Henry Petter (Wounded)
George Pledge
Harry Pledge
James Pledge
Edgar Port
Ernest Port (Prisoner of War)
† Frederick Leslie Porter
Horace B. Prout
John Prout
Victor Prout
Arthur Pursley
Frank Pursley
† Thomas Pursley
Victor Pursley
† Frank Rawlins
Frederick Andrew Read (Wounded)
Henry Roger Redwood
Albert George Smith
Thomas Richardson
Herbert Robinson
Henry Rochester
Harold Rudwick (Wounded)
Percy Rudwick
William Rye
William John Sageman
John Lewis Sale
Stephen Leonard Sale
Benjamin Salter (Wounded)
Edwin Salter
Joseph Searle
Joseph Victor Searle MM
† James Simmons
Sydney Smith
Thomas Smith
William Soffe
Charles Thomas Spring
Thomas Stallibrass
Alfred Edward Stanford
Archibald Stedman
† Arthur Roy Stedman
Percy Stedman
† Edward Steer
† Alan Stovold
Howard Stovold
John Stovold (Wounded)
† William Bailey Stovold
† Thomas Stroud
William Stubbington
Thomas Kent Thorlby
Percival Stovold (Wounded)
Charles Todman
† Victor William Todman
Albert Tribe
Charles Ernest William Tribe
Henry George Tribe (Wounded)
Thomas Tribe
Charles Tribe
Frederick Trussler
George Trussler
William Charles Tuffnell
S. Vase
Percy Verrall
James Russell Walder
Roderic Gerald Langdon Waller
Ronald Edgar Langdon Waller
Charles Frank Webling
Herbert G. Weeks
Albert Henry Wellen (Wounded)
† Arthur Edward Wellen
† Reuben Frederick Wellen
Horace Philip Wellen
Harry Weller (Wounded)
Alan Frederick Werry
Charles Edward Werry
† William Henry Werry
Wallis Weston
Thomas Whitmarsh
Henry James Willshire
George Wilmot
† Donald Woods
† Henry Wrixen
Percy Charles Smith

[In the year of our Lord 1920]

The following names appear on the War Memorial, but not on these Memorial Panels:  William Boxall, Thomas Boswell, Arthur Churcher, William Hall, Henry Pledge and  Thomas Reed.

The following names appear on the Memorial Panels but not on the War Memorial:  Frederick Holden (no records found), Edward Steer (named on Easebourne War Memorial) and William Bailey Stovold (named as William Bailey on Midhurst War Memorial)


Midhurst U3A WW1 War Memorial Project