Private William Grinstead

Regiment:  Royal Sussex, 12th Battalion, 39th Division
Service No: SD/2346
Date & place of birth: October-December 1896, Petworth
Date & place of death: 3 September 1916 near Beaucourt

Private William Grinstead (spelt Grinsted in some places) was one of the youngest to be killed at the age of 19.

Family background

William Grinstead was the son of Edward and Kathleen Grinstead. Edward was a mail driver and the family lived in High Street in 1911; William had 5 sisters and 1 brother who was too young to become involved in the war. In 1911 he was an Assistant Butcher and living at home.

Military career

Private William Grinstead enlisted in Petworth. The 12th Battalion of the Royal Sussex went to France in 1915 and in 1916 were involved in the Battle of Thiepval Ridge and Battles of the Ancre and Ancre Heights.

Death & commemoration

William Grinstead was killed in action near Beacourt on 3 September 1916, no doubt in connection with the Battle of Ancre. He is buried in Ancre British Cemetery F339.

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