Sergeant Stanley Lugg

Regiment: Royal Sussex, 1st/4th Battalion, 53rd Division
Service No: TF/200145
Date & place of birth: Oct-Dec 1893, Gunwalloe near Helston, Cornwall  Date & place of death: 4 November 1917, Gaza     

Stanley Lugg came from a family of tenant farmers who had come up from Cornwall to a Leconfield Estate farm. He is connected in some way with Henry Dale: both their families came from the same village in Cornwall to farm adjacent farms near Petworth.

Family background

Stanley Lugg was born in 1893 in the village of Gunwalloe in Cornwall, the son of Josias Dale Lugg and Ellen Lugg. By 1911 the family were farming the Guntersbridge farm just north of Petworth on the Balls Cross road, and employing workers there. Stanley was one of their labourers at that time and still living at home. He had three brothers, James Oppy, Harold and Gordon.

Military career

Sergeant Lugg enlisted in Petworth and clearly did well in the army, being promoted to Sergeant by the time of his death at age 24.

Death & commemoration

Like a number of other Petworth men, Sergeant Stanley Lugg was killed in action in the Egyptian theatre, during the Third Battle of Gaza. He is buried in the Beersheba War Cemetery, Palestine.

 Subsequent family history

Stanley’s father died in 1933, leaving £859 6s 8d. Brother James farmed at Gore Farm and left £4,005 when in 1958. His brother Harold went to Australia and Gordon died in 1871.

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